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We are Rachel Au and Tuni Nguyen, co-founders of ARN.gency. Rachel is US-born and raised, with an educational background in psychology and linguistics. Tuni Nguyen, a German-born Vietnamese content creator, with an academic career in International Business and Innovation Management.

Our first encounter was in 2017, when Rachel did her gap year and Tuni spent an exchange in Taipei. Through our friendship, we felt empowered to venture out and pursue a life we are passionate about.

After leaving Taiwan, we both aimed to return and chase our goal together. The unique combination of our academic degrees and our mutual love for writing, creating, and sharing content, set the foundation for our dream in Taipei. In 2019, ARN.gency was founded. With our agency, we aspire to support brands in growing towards a more personable digital market while embracing a devotion for storytelling. Our agency’s purpose aligns with our own story.

Coming in contact with people who share goals in the same place:

Right timing. Right content. Right audience.

Featured In

Huffington Post

Freelance Writer for one of the biggest American opinion and news site.


Associate Editor and writer for the physical and online Danish- Chinese Lifestyle magazine.


Researcher in the field of informal science learning and experiences for preschool dual-language learners


Founder and content creator of Metropolife, a metropolitan lifestyle blog

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We are here for you. For any further questions and requests, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-Mail or on our Social Media channels.

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