8 tips for growing social media channels and increasing user interaction

The use of social media is constantly increasing worldwide. Studies from 2019 show that there are already 3.5 billion users worldwide, and this number is growing. This is why for the success of your business, it is important to use social media channels to reach customers.

The success of a social media channel depends mainly on the interactions between content and users. Users demand interesting, eye-catching, and new content from the brands they follow on a regular basis. Meeting these demands constantly can be difficult. Fortunately, we can help you with this! In this blog article we give you 8 tips that will help you create content to meet the high expectations of your followers:

  1. Give Customers the Spotlight

User-generated content (UGC) is an authentic source for potential input. According to a survey by AdWeek, 76% of people rather trust the recommendation of an average person than branded content. 

For example, Netflix uses UGC to promote fans’ contributions to certain shows and movies – and to add hashtags to the title to better promote new premieres.

Basically, the more appreciation you show your customers and followers, the more likely they are to like your content and promote your company on your behalf.

  1. Hold a giveaway or contest

Giveaways or contests for your followers are another great idea to stimulate user interaction. At the same time, such events attract a lot of attention, which can generate new followers. In fact, Tailwind reports that Instagram accounts that regularly host contests grow approximately 70% faster than those that don’t.

A fun example of this is Shopkins’ “Caption this” challenge, which invites followers to comment on your photo and engage with your brand.

The Shopkins toy brand uses this type of competition to showcase its products.

You do not necessarily need a lot of budget to run a contest. All you need is something to give away, such as a free product or membership.

  1. Poll your audience

If we have learned anything from social media, it is that people like to share their opinions. That’s why surveys in social media, like the ones you can do on Facebook or Twitter, are a great way to reach your followers. This way you can find out more about the preferences of your followers, making it possible to adjust your strategy to improve their online experience.

When you think of polls, you should make sure that they contain little text and are eye-catching. Maybe you should include some emojis, like HootSuite does here:

Ein Bild, das Screenshot enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Surveys are also interesting for your followers, because they learn more about how other people tick – which means that your social media account also brings real added value to them!

  1. Respond to Your Followers

The easiest way to interact with your followers and show that you care about them is to respond to their messages and comments. In fact, your followers really appreciate this! According to Statista, 47% of consumers have a more positive attitude towards brands that respond to customer service questions or social media complaints. 

The way you respond to customer concerns, trends or a simple “hello” is a wonderful way to show what culture your company stands for. For example, Loot Crate regularly combines customer service with a humorous twist, pointing out how much they appreciate the feedback from supporters.

Once you have decided to respond to your followers, make sure you behave professionally and maintain a writing style that is consistent with the overall personality of your brand. The goal should be to appear sympathetic and accessible when solving problems or answering questions!

  1. Host an AMA series

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) series, which has become popular on Reddit, is the perfect counterpart to polls. AMAs consist of questions from the audience that are answered by an expert, for example a person from your company. The big advantage is the authentic and personal exchange. For followers this is far more exciting than the standard content on social media!

It’s also a great opportunity to see what your followers care about while sharing your industry knowledge and expertise.

Ali Fedotowsky for example, a blogger and former bachelorette, uses AMAs regularly to communicate with her followers:

If you are planning an AMA, you should prepare for it. First, you should choose a topic and then appoint a speaker who can answer the topic in the best way. In addition, you should set a time frame in which your followers can have time and be active. Decide whether questions will be allowed to submit in advance or live. Finally, prepare for possible questions and problems so that everything runs perfectly.

  1. Concise Video Clips

Most of us prefer to watch videos instead of reading texts. So it’s not surprising that social media posts with videos reach 48% more viewers.

Unfortunately, many companies consider the production of videos to be too complicated and too expensive. But they do not have to be. Take the example of UPT House, which makes slow-motion videos about food. These types of videos are simple but very effective! 

Super Slow-motion Food Video | UPT House

Newer smartphones are already sufficient for these videos. Additionally, there are video editing programs like DaVinci Resolve, which offer many possibilities and are free of charge!

  1. Run a Facebook Live or live Instagram Story campaign

One of the most authentic forms of content are live videos on Facebook or Instagram. These are even viewed 3x longer than recorded videos. 

In some countries, such as China, live videos with known influencers are already one of the most important tools for companies to present their products to their followers. But also companies like the American fashion company Athleta know how to use live videos. In their stories, they regularly make use of the “Shoppable Posts” function, which allows users to see a product tag, click on it and be taken directly to the product’s online page for purchase.

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Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Use live videos for your advantage! You may hold a question and answer session, give a live product demonstration, or just run a vlog.

  1. Post content from third parties

Not every content has to come from you, and it shouldn’t. For example, if you know your followers and you come across an article or product that is relevant and might interest your followers, then you should post it. It is irrelevant whether this content comes from a third party. Maybe don’t post content from your competitors but besides of that its totally fine. 

Always remember that you want to offer your customers and followers an added value!

A good example is the Post of Buffer, who shared an article from Inc. to explain the advantages of home office to their followers.

Another positive side effect of this type of content is that you show your followers that your company is up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry.

Do you find it difficult to constantly post new content for social media? If so, just choose one of the possibilities above and try your luck. We can also help you with this! We are a team of talented social media experts who deal with the topic every day and are always on top of the current trends. If you are interested, simply contact us at the following e-mail address: arn.gency@gmail.com.

We are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions. What other creative social media ideas do you see that are still missing? Let us know in the comments below.


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