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With ARNGENCY, we focus on combining creativity and technology to elevate and grow businesses, engage consumers, and level up our clients’ digital presences and channels.

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About Us

We're passionate about innovation, exploring potential, and creative ideas that bring together a beautiful solution for your brand.

ARNGENCY was founded by Rachel Au and Tuni Nguyen in 2018. While connecting in  Taiwan, we embarked on our journey as female entrepreneurs and started the digital agency ARNGENCY to support global brands and businesses.

Our international team focuses on e-commerce and gaming and PC industry in the global market, with the US and Germany being the most common ones for our clients.

With our diverse portfolio, ARNGENCY supports clients in their digital branding, social media marketing, and customer relations. We are fully invested in your success and will guide you through today’s ever-changing digital world.

As Tuni is German-born Vietnamese and Rachel is American-born Chinese, we cover a range of languages and cultural understanding with international expertise in trending marketing strategies and campaigns. Through years of experiences with digital branding and social media platforms, we deliver the insights and knowledge that enable our clients to connect and engage with a global audience.

What We Do

We turn thinking into action. With our digital strategies, we build brand connections and work towards creating a foundation of digital excellence for your business.


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