Successfully market your business on social media

If used correctly, Social Media is a great way for businesses to find, engage, stay connected to, and understand their customers. However, many companies–especially small and middle-sized businesses–use these tools ineffectively. Due to limits in budget or a shift in focus, they do not put the necessary time and strategy into prioritizing the importance and opportunities Social Media has to offer. We at ARN.gency want to share our tips on how to optimize marketing your business on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as WeChat and Weibo.

1. Be detailed and organized

Through our work, we saw many firms making minor mistakes such as spelling errors in their captions and descriptions. These minor mistakes can be fixed easily by paying attention to details and investing a bit more time in preparing, writing, and editing the posts before publishing. The overall profile and feed should be organized and flow strategically, with the content being visually aesthetic and pleasing to look at. You don’t need a strict Social Media strategy but should follow a guideline with structured and organized content.

2. Be relevant

Other common mistakes are using outdated hashtags (or none at all), targeting the wrong audience, or publishing content at the wrong time. It takes time and engagement to find and understand the proper audience for your product or services and pinpoint the timeframe in which most of these audiences are active on the Social Media platform. Moreover, potential new consumers might discover your content through hashtags and geo-tags which is why it is important to use relevant keywords targeted for your niche–and not big, overused hashtags that are overrun by spam accounts.

3. Be active

Many firms do not have the budget to run a digital marketing team and use Social Media ad-hoc without laying the importance in being active. This is the method we encounter in a lot of our clients that come to ARN.gency for support. One member of the firm posts content on their page and the only engagement are likes and comments on accounts that already follow the company. There is no interaction with non-followers, and after each time content is posted, there is no follow-up with relevant hashtags or accounts. Comparably, it is like putting up a poster on a wall with thousands of posters already, and then leaving it to be swallowed up in the constant inundation of new content. Figurative speaking, you need a person in front of the poster handing out flyers: businesses need to like, comment, engage with users to direct interaction to your profile.

4. Be positive

Social Media can be tricky. Facebook has different algorithms and audiences than LinkedIn or Instagram, and there is no “ultimate” strategy that works for all. And don’t let us get started about Chinese apps and platforms… Needless to say, it can be really overwhelming to understand and utilize digital platforms to market your products and services. Be positive, be optimistic. It takes a long time to build a solid foundation with engaging and loyal followers, high interaction and likes. One post might do well but three might do worse. As long as you keep investing time on researching trends, relevancy and audiences, the account will grow.

If you need help

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