Why and how you should use hashtags in your digital marketing strategy

Oftentimes, we have clients who ask us about the importance of hashtags and why they should use them. Here is a short and sweet article detailing why we recommend using hashtags–especially on Instagram or Twitter–and how to effectively integrate them into your social media strategy.

First off, hashtags (this symbol: #) are data tags used on social media, making it easier to find and follow specific themes or content.

By following specific hashtags, your brand can stay updated on current trends. You can also create your own hashtag related to your brand, to promote a new product or services–this is important for branding! Lastly, you can use hashtags to find potential followers and clients who are interested in the content (and products or services) your business is producing. Here are more reasons on why you should look into using related hashtags:


After the Instagram algorithm changed to a seemingly random one that no longer shows pictures chronologically, hashtags are an important key factor to still be visible to a wide audience in real time. Instagram users can now follow hashtags and if you click on the hashtag, you will see the most recent posts. Your brand should conduct an analysis on which hashtags are most relevant and have a wide-reaching audience. Then you should add these hashtags when posting your content to create more visibility for your posts and Instagram stories.

Branding and promotion

Hashtags help to target an audience and promote your brand to that specific niche market. You can run promotions tailored to that audience and reach users that would be interested in your brand.

Another important aspect of hashtags is branding. It may not be as relevant in the beginning–but as you grow your business, a “catchy” and brand-related hashtag can inspire your fans to share content with your own hashtags. Encourage your followers to use that hashtag when they purchase your product, attend an event you are hosting, or visit your location.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

  • Add hashtags to every post made on Instagram. Always write them together in one word, for example: #Taipeicafe and not #Taipei #Cafe (because #Cafe would be too broad and not reach the targeted audience of café-goers in Taipei)
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, make sure you have analyzed and found the most effective ones for your market and targeted audience. Look at them more as “branding keywords” relevant to your brand.
  • Engage with the hashtags. Imagine this: You go into a room, say one sentence and leave the room again. This is basically what you do if you just use the hashtag and not engage. Click through the recent posts and engage with relevant content and profiles. It is like chatting and making small talk in real life.
  • Most importantly: change your hashtags regularly. Instagram has a concept called a “shadowban”. This basically means that on Instagram a shadowban hides your posts from users who don’t follow you because you overused that hashtag too many times. This will defeat the purpose of reaching a wider audience if people who don’t follow you won’t see your posts under those hashtags. This is why it is important to continuously do research and change your hashtags.

We hope this short article helps you understand the purpose and importance of hashtags in your digital marketing strategy.

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