Why we believe in storytelling

Here on our company blog, we want to keep things transparent and personal. We know there are already a number of digital marketing agencies and firms specializing in social media, trying to win over clients with big numbers, promises, and sugar-coated analytics. Numbers, scaling through shortcuts, automated bots, using third platforms to “beat” the algorithm.. we heard and saw endless “magical strategies”. We want to keep it real and personal.

Our team believes in creating a valuable and personal relationship in each strategy. Storytelling and branding. Having relatable content and personal marketing. The focus in our strategies are the same as the beliefs in our personal lives. There is no shortcut to success. Lots of effort, time and motivation was needed to start ARN.gency in Taipei. These are the same values we base our digital marketing strategies on.

Creating more brand awareness and maintaining a social media profile need the same attention, the same effort and time as in any other aspects of a company. You don’t hire fake readers for a magazine ad, why would you do the same move in the digital world by buying a larger number of followers and create a fake hype, hoping people will follow the account due to high follower number but zero engagement. This is comparable to shouting into an empty room. Other aspects that are neglected are posting content and not reaching out to potential followers. You don’t put an advertisement up an empty road with no cars passing by the area.

Our focus is personally engaging with followers after posting content with value, with entertainment or with a message. We believe in storytelling and in making digital relationships. Like a celebrity having assistants and PR teams to manage their fans, your company should have real people behind your digital presence to create awareness and engagement.
At ARN.gency we don’t use shortcuts, we walk the entire journey with you until the goal is reached. With time, effort and attention.

Have stories to tell. Capture the right audience. Maintain relationships.


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